Christmas starts with Christmas Eve

Christmas will be very different this year but Edenbridge will celebrate as always.

The Church of Sts Peter and Paul in Edenbridge will be bringing the message of light and hope to all in this time of darkness.

Our Christmas Eve Christingle service will be available for all to watch on social media and all the best bits that you love and cherish will be included. 

This will be going out after 4.30 pm on Christmas Eve. Donations from this service will go to the Children’s Society to help excluded and vulnerable children. 

This is just a heads’ up so watch out for more information over the next few weeks

For local people starter packs to make your Christingle will be available to pick up at Farringtons from 1st December in Edenbridge. 

Listen for the church bells ringing on Christmas Eve afternoon, when they stop at 4.30 pm please come outside your front door and light your Christingle, or just use the light on your phone. Join all of us in singing “Away in a manger”. 

We wish you a merry Christmas